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Free mental health support with StuProtect
Free mental health support with StuProtect

Did you know that all Stuart couriers have access to counselling through StuProtect?

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Be kind to your mind 🧠

Sometimes we need a helping hand looking after our wellbeing, which is why through StuProtect, you can call a free helpline for advice. The number is 0800 031 8815.

This is available to all active Stuart couriers at no cost to you.

You can get help with:

  • General mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Traumatic and critical incidents

  • Family separation and divorce

  • Financial matters

  • Personal tax issues

  • Family and caregiving responsibilities

Immediate emotional support 🎗

Counselors are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide confidential emotional support and guidance as you need it, for you and up to 5 dependents. As each individual’s issue is different, we utilise a range of evidence-based therapies that best align to your issue to achieve the greatest possible outcome.

Face-to-Face, phone or video counselling sessions 📞

After your initial consultation, you will be assigned a counsellor for up to 6 counselling sessions, either Face-to-Face (in your local area), phone or video consultations, depending on the format and setting which suits you best. You are also able to choose your preferred language for your counselling sessions.

Financial Support Services 💰

If you’re worried about money or have something else on your mind, our advice line is open 24/7. Speak to a specialist about handling your mortgage, managing your debt, budgeting and financial planning.

Family Support Services 🤝

Get the answers, information and resources you need to help cope with the day-to-day or longer-term challenges associated with family planning and caregiving responsibilities.

More support ❤️

If you are struggling with your mental health, there are also many other free helplines you can try. Some of these are...

These self-help resources are also available to you:

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