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How to behave at the Drop Off
How to behave at the Drop Off

Article for H2H drivers

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This page is going to explain the behaviour that the courier has to have during the DO.

  • 🏠 How to find the destination

  • 📦 How to deliver

  • 📱 What to do with the app

🏠 How to find the destination

Before heading to the destination, check whether the destination displayed in the application matches the location marked on the information sheet issued by the HUB staff. The application may show a different destination from the effective one, which is shown on the sheet. Once the correct destination has been ascertained, depart.

Once at the destination, ensure you have all the information to find the customer. Sometimes the name of the building is not provided and the presence of several buildings in the same postcode may cause the courier to deliver to the wrong person. On these occasions, you can try to contact the receiver directly, if the phone number is provided

Where the correct destination cannot be found, use the app to notify that the parcel is unable to be delivered. An operator will respond within seconds to delete the delivery from your app, allowing you to move on to the next destination.

📦 How to deliver

Once you have arrived at the destination, knock on the customer's door.

  • The customer is at home: Once the customer accepts the parcel, deliver the parcel keeping in mind the Covid security measures.

  • The customer is NOT at home: When the customer is not at home the driver shall try to ring the customer. Through the app, the feature allows calling (following privacy rules) the receiver's number. If the customer answers the phone, the driver can arrange a solution for the delivery, such as leaving the parcel to a neighbour or in a safe place, according to the request.

Remember, if you leave the parcel to a neighbour, you must let the customer know to whom you left the parcel. Therefore, leave a BLU CARD (provided by Stuart) filled with all the information.

Use the app to notify the HUB operators that you left the parcel in a safe place, sending also a picture of the event (photo of the parcel at the concierge, hallway or the Blue Card, according to the situation).

  • No response at the phone: Ring the customer at least 3 times before declaring an absent customer. After that, you can follow the procedure via the app. It will ask if there is any chance of leaving the parcel in a safe spot or to a neighbour. If the driver is unable to deliver, it will be notified to a HUB operator, who will clear the job from the app.

📱 What to do with the app

Once the delivery is done:

  • to the customer: If the delivery is done to the customer, use the app and confirm the task by selecting the drop off and clicking “task complete”.

  • Exceptional case: If the delivery has been completed before the scheduled time for it, use the option “I want to confirm the drop”. The same feature can be used when the real drop off is different from the one displayed on the app (due to a change on the destination or due to a glitch on the system). Anyway, this feature allows you to inform the HUB that the delivery has been done properly, and they will move your app to the next drop off.

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