Keeping your package safe

How should I package my goods?

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Protecting your goods before pickup

How should I package my goods?

For your ease of mind, all of our packages are insured, but it's still a good idea to take precautions when sending your package.

These are our recommendations for correctly protecting and sending your goods:

  • Do not use damaged containers or boxes.

  • Choose high-quality wrapping and cushioning/filler materials at all times.

  • Choose a packaging that's durable for the type of goods you're sending.

  • Make sure you always remove old labels and stickers when reusing any old containers or boxes.

  • Use cushioning materials to avoid loose contents.

  • Protect Fragile items by cushioning them from all sides.

  • Use protective dividers for Fragile flat items.

  • Protect data and media discs/tapes with cushioning or protective bags.

  • Protect edges and sharp points with heavy, well-secured edge protection.

  • Use heavy-duty, double-layered cardboard boxes for more valuable items.

  • "Fragile" and "Handle with Care" stickers are not a replacement for correctly packaging fragile goods.

  • Keep your packages dry and clean while waiting for pickup.

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