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Strengthen your relationship with the courier partners
Strengthen your relationship with the courier partners
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Courier loyalty and building positive relationships with the courier partner fleet is a very important way to increase courier sentiment and therefore, maintain great performance for your end-customers!

Here are our four tips to maintain a great courier <> store relationship:

1. Offer a hot/cold beverage ☕️🍹

This is a simple yet effective way to build a positive relationship with courier partners, particularly on extra hot or cold days. While they wait for their parcel, the couriers can enjoy their beverage and then provide a great delivery experience. This is a noteworthy gesture as they learn your pick up processes and also demonstrates that you are a great store or restaurant to work with.

2. Smooth store & restaurant operations ♼

Ensuring your store and restaurant operations are optimised can help reduce any issues and waiting times at pick up - which is also a key way to improve courier experience and sentiment. If you have any delays in preparing an order, don’t forget to inform the couriers as this will help build trust.

3. Clear procedures 📝

Ensure that pick up procedures are clear for couriers, such as window signs directing them to the correct collection counter and having separate areas for couriers & customers to avoid overcrowding.

4. Secure packaging 📦

Make sure all packaging is solid and secure, to ensure there are no issues along the courier's journey. Secure the packages with tape or elastics and seal, staple & label bags.

Overall, creating a positive relationship with couriers can lead to improved performance with faster delivery times and a stronger relationship between your stores and restaurants and the courier partner fleet - which, ultimately, will have a positive impact on your customers too.

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