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Cold Chain: essential food safety information
Cold Chain: essential food safety information

Details of the Cold Chain policy

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What is The Cold Chain?

Cold Chain is a process which must be strictly followed to ensure proper temperature control throughout the delivery. Food packages must be delivered within 30 or 60 minutes depending on the client. Client specific processes will be communicated via the app.

How do I know when I should follow The Cold Chain?

You will receive an automated message in the app reminding you the cold chain policy should be followed. You should read all instructions carefully to ensure the cold chain policy will not be breached and the packages will be delivered safely.

Why is The Cold Chain important?

Cold chain is essential to maintain food safety; breaking it could cause serious health and safety issues to the end customer. You must make sure before picking-up the package you have the relevant equipment and you are able to safely transport the package without breaching the cold chain. If you should encounter any issue, please let the client know prior to leaving the pick up destination.

Steps to follow:

📲 Job is received via the app

  • Arriving at the pick-up location, an automated message will be sent reminding you of the cold chain policy

  • Cold chain policy should carefully be read and understood. If you are unable to ensure the policy will be met you should alert the client and ask them for advice on next steps

🚴🏼‍♂️ Delivering

  • Once you begin delivering, we will start a countdown to ensure you meet the cold chain process. If you are reaching the time limit, CS will contact you

  • The package must be delivered within 30-60 minutes depending on the client, from the time of handover. Please read the information in-app clearly

  • If the package was not delivered within good time, you should call your client and ask them what the next steps are

  • You should not spend time trying to redeliver if the 30 minutes have passed, as cold chain has now been broken

  • You should then contact support and notify them of the next steps with of your job

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