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Courier driving guidelines in town centres
Courier driving guidelines in town centres

As an independent courier, you (or your substitute) should take all reasonable care for yourself and others whilst out delivering.

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This includes:

  • Following road traffic legislation.

  • Understanding and following national road/traffic rules (e.g. the Highway Code in the UK).

  • Respecting local Businesses and following site traffic and visitor rules whilst at a client’s site.

  • Respecting and working alongside law enforcement and members of the public.

⛔️ Road Safety

It's essential to know the rules of the road and the highway code to be safe whilst on the road. We recommend that you (or your substitute) regularly remind yourself of the highway code to ensure you are aware of any rule changes.

⚠️ Driving and Parking in a town centre or pedestrianised zones:

Whilst working for Stuart, you (or your substitute) are responsible for ensuring the safety of yourself and members of the public. Driving in a town centre carries a risk due to the busy environment. Make sure you know the rules, watch out for signs and work with authorities to stay safe.

🚙 Dismounting and driving in pedestrianised zones:

Many towns and cities have Pedestrian Zones, where access to vehicles is limited. The hours of operation can vary from town to town and even from street to street. Pay attention to the signs displayed at the entry points to each zone.

  • Is loading/unloading permitted? - please refer to signs on the road

  • Are Blue Badge holders exempt? - please refer to signs on the road

Parking and leaving bikes:

Please make sure that you (or your substitute) are parking your vehicle/bike in a safe and suitable location that allows parking. Make sure that you have looked at the signs in the area to make sure that loading/parking is available. There will often be multiple couriers in one place, which can cause congestion. However, please try to be aware of footpaths and space to ensure members of the public can still pass by.

When parking your motorbike or car, be sure to do so in areas for vehicles.

🚓 Working with law enforcement and traffic wardens:

Law enforcement and traffic wardens protect your and the public's best interest. If they approach you (or your substitute), please work with them to understand the problem and get to a solution.

Stuart expects its couriers to be respectful and non-confrontational and work with law enforcement and local authorities to ensure a positive environment.

👥 Dealing with members of the public:

If you (or your substitute) find yourself in a confrontational situation with a member of the public, the best thing to do is to walk away and avoid any physical contact. If you feel you are being harassed or are in danger, please call 999 immediately to ensure the police can support you.

🚨 Driving Safely and hands-free phone use

From 25 March 2022, it will become illegal to use a mobile phone in your hands while driving for any reason (e.g. watching a Tiktok, skipping a bad song on your playlist). To avoid a potentially large fine and 6 points on your driving license, we recommend following these helpful guidelines below.

Handy guidelines to remember:

  • Please use a cradle or holder for your phone while driving if you like, e.g. follow a map or use the Stuart app.

  • Please remember to stop your vehicle to answer a call. The call must be hands-free if stopping is not possible.

  • Please remember to stop your vehicle if you (or your substitute) need to speak to Support or message a customer.

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